Locate the problem using a map or by using your current location with the options below.

Find the location of the problem on a map

You can go straight to the interactive map, or enter a postcode, town or village name, right of way route code or coordinates in the field below and we'll zoom you straight there.

What can I search for?
  • Postcodes
  • Town or Village names
  • Rights of way route codes (e.g. E14/11)
  • British National Grid Eastings and Northings (e.g. 366646, 101677)
  • British National Grid Alphanumeric grid reference (e.g. ST 6601)
  • Decimal Latitude and Longitude (e.g. 50.81 -2.47). We do not accept degrees/minutes/seconds

Use your current location

If you are at the problem location now, hit the button below and we'll get your current location. Please stand as close as safely possible to the problem, but don't put yourself in danger.

Alternative method of reporting problems

If you have any problems using this form you can also report problems by contacting Dorset Direct on 01305 221000.

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